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new things & zero waste all-purpose cleaner

new things & zero waste all-purpose cleaner

hey guys! 

how's it going?

i'm taking this website in a new direction that i am very passionate and excited about! 

b and i decided that our "word" for 2018 would be sustainability, focusing on how we approach trash and waste. refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot (aka compost)

so as i learn about ways to make things instead of replacing them and creating more trash, i'll be sharing those recipes, tips, and tricks with you here. 

i'll also be opening a store soon, naturally sweet shop, where you can buy custom, homemade, all natural, cruelty-free bath and beauty products. skincare is a huge passion of mine, and having sensitive skin forced me to create some everyday products myself that i can't wait to share with you! check out a giveaway going on now for free samples. 

i hope you're as excited about this new journey as i am! to kick things off, check out my all-purpose spray recipe below :)

stay sweet babes xo

zero waste all-purpose cleaner

one of the very first things i made, and one of the easiest!

what you need: 

  • white vinegar
  • citrus rinds (i like orange or lemon/lime)
  • water
  • essential oil (completely optional)
  • spray bottle
  • funnel (optional, but helpful)

what to do:

  • add citrus rinds of your choice to a jar and cover with vinegar (my spray bottle is 16 ounces, so i fill a 16-ounce jar halfway with 8 ounces of vinegar) and let sit for at least a week
  • pour the citrus infused vinegar in your spray bottle
  • compost those rinds!
  • fill the rest of the bottle with water
  • add 30-40 drops of the essential oil of your choice (i think bergamot is a nice compliment to citrus, but lavender/lemon is also a great combo!)
  • shake it up and you're good to go

this spray is great for cleaning counters and surfaces, windows and mirrors! if i'm cleaning the bathtub, or tile/grout, i'll sprinkle some baking soda on the area first for extra cleaning power. i've quickly learned that baking soda and white vinegar are a power couple of the same caliber as kimye. yeah, i said it. 

what are your favorite natural cleaning hacks? let me know below!

zero waste bathroom

zero waste bathroom