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honey washing 101

honey washing 101

honey is great for so many things, drizzled on peanut butter banana toast, stirred into a cup of hot tea and even slathered on your face. 

yep, you read that right. 

i've been doing honey & olive oil masks for years when my skin was acting up, but for some reason i never tried ditching my face cleanser completely and going for a raw honey wash. honey is so amazing because it's naturally antiseptic, has a low ph, restores the moisture barrier and is anti-inflammatory.

basically, if you have any skin issues, honey can fix them. 

so, i ditched my face wash (sorry milky jelly), my serums, my masks, i stopped taking my skin vitamins and collagen and reduced my skincare routine to:

  • an oil-based makeup remover
  • raw honey
  • witch hazel
  • a light oil moisturizer
  • honey face cream

here's what my routine looked like:


  • applied oil to a cotton cloth i use to take off my makeup and wipe away 
  • rinse face with warm water 
  • while my face is still wet i scooped about one tablespoon of raw honey on my fingers and got to work massaging it into my face
  • rinse with cold water and pat dry
  • pressed a few drops of face oil into my face
  • finished up by pressing a dime-size amount of face cream on my face


  • rinse my face with cold water
  • pat on some witch hazel
  • press a dime-size amount of face cream on my face

all i can say is "holy f why didn't i do this sooner?" 

my skin isn't as red, flakey or dry, and i hardly have any acne. even though i fell asleep without washing off my makeup twice! i gave away my almost full bottle of milky jelly cleanser and i'm never looking back. 

would you ever ditch your cleanser and wash your face with honey?


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